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Chapter Twelve

Dib remained in an almost trance-like state for a few moments as he recalled a few memories of Zim. He took another deep breath before speaking again in a quiet tone. “Zim... He was pretty interesting.”

"Yes? What is his personality like?" The doctor questioned, beginning to write again at the others decision to elaborate more on the subject.

Dib slowly looked back to the doctor, shifting in his seat as he considered the question. “Well, he was loud and obnoxious and would often insult the human race whenever he had the chance to. But, he was very proud of his race and his leaders. He made every attempt to take over Earth even if he failed every time. But I liked that about him...” Dib’s voice trailed off some as his gaze lowered. “I admired that about him actually..”

Dr.Gaul hummed and nodded his head a bit. "Well, I can only chalk this up as more schizophrenia from how you say this. You seem very fond of this little delusion as well, which also tells me you have some repressed homosexual tendencies... Does that sound right to you?"

Dib’s cheeks grew a little warm at this, eyebrows raising slightly as he looked back up at Dr. Gual. “W-what? I’m not gay.. I haven’t even paid attention to my sexuality anyway..” The tone of his voice suggested otherwise though.

The doctor scribbled the word 'homosexual' very noticeably down on his chart. "Mhmm.. have you ever found yourself attracted to girls? Boys?" He questioned, looking up over his chart. "This Zim?"

The boy hesitated, shifting again in his seat. “Uh... I don’t know I’ve never really found anyone to be attractive to me. But.. I guess Zim was different...” His cheeks grew a bit warmer at that.

Dr.Gaul nodded his head a bit at this. "Well, this is obviously another way you're trying to deny this underlying homosexuality. You should try to work that out with yourself as well. There's nothing wrong with playing pitcher-catcher with another guy."

Dib reached up to rub the back of his neck, his eyes flicking to the side again. “I guess.. But what would my father say about that? I’m sure he would feel more disappointed in me...”

Dr.Gaul spoke up at his comment. "Well, naturally children want the approval of their parents... but you can't let his rejection of it make you repress and deny it more. That will cause some major depression on your part."

“I just don’t know how to walk up to somebody and express any feelings I may have. And I really just want Zim back..”

"Well, life is about taking chances. Sometimes you have to look into yourself to be able to reach them." He replied. "And if you can maybe find someone to occupy your time, Zim will go away and you won't need him back."

Dib scowled sitting up a little almost defensively. “Zim will always be a part of my life.”

"He's just a figment of your sickness.." He sighed, setting his clipboard down. "It is a part of your life in which you must overcome."

“Whatever you say, doctor.” Dib snapped resentfully.

Dr.Gaul hummed a bit. "Those anti-psychosis pills should also take care of that anger of yours." He commented as he watched him. "You're free to leave now then."

Without a second though, Dib was on his feet, shooting Dr. Gual one last frown before giving an unconvincing ‘thank you’ and heading out of the office in annoyance. He stormed down the hallway and approached the front desk and waited impatiently for the woman to notice him.

She finally caught on to him and grinned a bit. "Hello.. is that a prescription?" She questioned, taking the sheet of paper and reading over it. She frowned after a moment and headed off, collecting a bottle and handing it over to him.

Dib gave a quick and almost sarcastic smile at the woman, a completely different approach than before seeing the doctor, then snatched the bottle from her hand and jammed it in his pocket. With that, the unsatisfied boy pushed through the front doors and headed home, grumbling angrily to himself as he walked.

They had only responded to what they believed it sounded like. No one besides Dib had any proof that there was truly an alien there, so to them it sounded like a delusion. They had only wanted to help him.

Dib knew in the back of his mind that they only wanted to help him through this, but more than anything he longed for someone to just believe that he was telling the truth. He felt stuck in this hellish nightmare that never seemed to end, driving him deeper into psychological torment and loneliness.

The boy entered his house cautiously, as he often did now a days, and found it was rather quiet. With a sigh of relief, Dib continued inside and headed towards the living room and towards an end table to the left of the couch. He cracked the pill bottle open and poured three tablets from it, examining them in his hand. Questions rose again as he remembered what the doctor had said, and how scary it was that everything had seemed so accurate.

What if Zim had just been a result of some insane delusion..?

After much contemplation in his mind, Dib threw the tablets in his mouth and swallowed them dry, grunting a little as they didn’t go down very easily.

It didn't appear anyone was home either. Gaz hadn't gotten back from school yet, and as far as it seemed, Zim was not there. The house was silent too, not giving anything away.

Dib shuddered a bit as the piercing silence continued. If anything, it heightened his paranoia since he was completely alone now and there was absolutely no sign of anyone. It made him curious as to where Zim was now...

He headed towards the couch nearest to the window and sat, staring outside through widened eyes as if he were expecting someone familiar to come walking up his driveway, even his hateful little sister.

Still, hours later there was no one. Where was Gaz? What if Zim had recognized her as being connected to Dib? She could be in danger..

Though he never really cared for Gaz, Dib couldn’t help the small ounce of worry and paranoia in the pit of his stomach. He grew restless now, squirming on the couch and biting his lip hard enough the break the skin as he continued to wait desperately for his sister to come home.

Another hour passed and there had still been no sight of her.

Zim could be putting her through the same terrifying experience he was giving Dib. Even if she was awful, did she truly deserve something that horrifying?

Images of Zim’s horrifying expression and rage flashed through his mind now as he considered the possibility. The thought of yet another victim made him feel a little dizzy since he never wished for anyone, even Gaz, to go through the trauma that he had been enduring.

After a small episode of hyperventilation and panic, Dib rushed towards Zim house even though his instincts and better judgment screamed at him to turn around and run back home. However, he reached the Irken’s eerie base almost in the blink of an eye. He was already disoriented before even entering the house, probably from keen fright and the side effects of those pills, as he pushed through the bloodied and scarred front door.

From first look, there wasn't any sign of the Irken. But then there were loud screeches and screams, far away. It sounded like it was upstairs, but in a further off room.

Dib’s ears almost seemed to perk at the sudden screeches, his head snapping towards the direction of the stairs. He whined lowly to himself as he started forwards with agonizingly slow and stiff steps. He never batted an eye as he approached the bottom of the staircase, examining the house as he continued along.

There was more blood upon the walls and splattered up the staircase, but what was disturbing about it was the color. It wasn't the translucent pink of the Irken's, but a dark crimson color. One of a human nature.

Dib looked towards a wall on his left to see that a stain of both red and pink blood swiped across it. He stared at it for several moments before shakily reaching for it and running a finger along it. It was rather fresh so it stained his skin, leaving a sort of eerie mark.

There were more scraping and screeches not far away, sounding like it were actually upstairs. There was blood on the railing of the staircase in front of him.

Dib looked back up the stairs and reached for the railing beside him, slowing ascending upward. The darkness thickened which made it quite hard to see as he walked up the stairway so he squinted his eyes in an attempt to see through it.

“Gaz?” He whispered out and waited eagerly for a reply. It was silly to think that his sister might actually be there, but it chilled him as well to think of her not calling out in response.

There was no sound back to him after a while, there only being that one light toward the end of the hall. There were more shouts and screeches coming from that room, each one more chilling than the last.

Dib’s movements discontinued once he had gotten to the top as he squinted at the dim light ahead of him. He finally headed forward after a moment, stretching his arms out ahead of him so he could navigate himself safely without running into anything. With each step, the screams and screeches grew louder which sent shivers of horror and anticipation down his spine.

After a walk that seemed to last an eternity, Dib had approached the doorway and was able to look inside at the one who occupied it.

Zim was hunched over something, his back to the door. He screeched loudly as both he and the walls around him were splattered with crimson blood.

Of course, the smell was horrendous and it caused the boy’s head to spin a bit and an acidic burn to travel up his throat in disgust. He cupped a hand over his mouth to muffle a whimper which threatened to give away his position. He dumbly took a step forward though to try and see what exactly Zim was hunched over.

Zim's lekku soon went straight up, which signaled that the Irken had sensed him. His head turned around to face him, his mouth turning up into the sickening grin, his face splotched with red and gore. "IB.."

Dib froze where he stood, his nails digging into the skin around his mouth out of pure fear. “Z-Zim..” He replied in a muffled tone.

Zim hissed suddenly, crouching down over the bloodied body under him like a mother protecting her cub. Or, in this more likely instance, a tiger protecting its prey.

Dib’s eyes disregarded the Irken now after sensing he wouldn’t attack as long as he stayed still. Instead, they focused on the shredded body under him which sent the boy a whole new wave of fright and tremendous anguish. The body was practically torn beyond recognition and repair, but it finally registered after a minute or so who exactly Zim’s victim was; His little sister, Gaz.

Dib’s hand dropped from his mouth and instead went to steady himself against the doorway as he could feel himself practically lose his sense of balance. Mouth gaped, he panted heavily with a mixture of low, panicked whines. His eyes never left his sister’s tattered corpse.

Zim hissed again and his claws sank into the girl more as he screeched. "MINE!!! MINE!!!" He screamed, like some demented child throwing a fit over a toy he possessed.

A small tear even began to form now as he tried to comprehend the death of Gaz. He even started to feel physically sick as his stomach threatened to throw up whatever small amount of food was in it the longer he stared at her corpse. Eventually, his gaze moved back up to face Zim with an expression of pure depression and antipathy. “W-why?” He was able to force out through pants and whimpers.

Zim grinned widely again at the question, though his eyes were dangerous and threatening. He crouched down more and bit into the unmoving girl's arm, shaking his head like a mad dog until there was a sickening crack and tearing sound. He chomped on the mouthful of flesh he had before swallowing, grinning again. "Hungry.."

Dib winced at that terrible crack and closed his eyes tightly to avoid watching him eat the flesh.  He actually let himself fall to the floor now as he coiled himself up into a fetal position. He opened his eyes slowly to look back up at the feasting alien with pleading eyes. “STOP IT!!” He cried hysterically, reaching up to grab handfuls of his hair now. “ENOUGH!!

Zim grinned even wider as he saw the others break down. He held onto that single 'e' of a laughter as he watched the other. He clawed at the one under him absently, like a cat kneading a favorite pillow.

Dib hit the back of his head against the wall a few times as he continued to watch the other, though he was mostly staring at his sister now almost like he wanted to try and take her body with him. “P-please..” His voice cracked as he spoke.

Zim bared his bloodied teeth at him as he screeched. He wasn't going to let his prey be taken by another, and he made this very clear. He sunk his claws in further and hissed at him.

Dib was far too paralyzed by fear to make any further movements towards his sister or even out the door no matter how badly he wanted to. “I’m sorry..” He whispered to her as if expecting that she could hear him.

Zim growled as he saw the other wasn't leaving, but also not approaching his meal. He simply went back to eating, forcing the human to watch Zim as he tore into her skin without relent or remorse.

With Dib’s inability to move, he was forced to watch the other tear at chunks of flesh from his sister’s corpse. Even his eyes were so cruel as to not allow him to close them or look away. He simply stared at the Irken and Gaz’s body until there was practically nothing left of her. He stayed with her almost as if he were trying to comfort her through this torture even though it damaged him further.

Finally, he was able to move but not in a way he would have preferred. He was only able to drag himself from the scene and down the hallway, sobbing and screaming that he was sorry for his sister’s death.

If anything, those pills the doctor had gave him could help him forget that horrifying image. Zim didn't follow after him, busy with his little sister as he devoured her flesh.

Dib managed to drag himself to the peak of the stairs, but he tumbled forward and down them quite violently which sent him into the wall below much like what had happened to him in his own house. He paid no mind to the throbbing pain in his body as he was finally able to stand, panting heavily and noisily with the occasional scream as if pleading for help as he managed to walk out of the front door and down the sidewalk.

No one responded to his cries, leaving him alone in despair. The computer wasn't even speaking up, in a quiet remorse for the insane little boy who had lost his sister now.

Dib was very unsteady on his feet now, tripping over himself with almost every step he took. He continued to let out constant cries as the images of the scene flashed tauntingly in his memory. He was almost convinced that he was back in the house though as some of the images lingered into a prolonged hallucination. Hopefully that medicine would drain the memories from his mind...

He had now lost both his sister and his mother, only having his father left now. His father didn't appreciate him either, or even realize he existed half the time. It was as if he had no family left at all.

Dib was on his own now, and without the small amount of security he had felt with his sister occupying the house, he was sure to be full of despair and unnerving loneliness. No one would be there to talk to him, even if the exchanges he and Gaz had shared weren’t pleasant. They gave him a sense of security, and now it had been taken from him again by the hands of Zim.

The trip home had been a long and horribly painful one, but he made it nonetheless. Before going to his room, Dib managed to reach his pill bottle and swallow down three more, but he took an extra in hopes that it would drain his mind. Afterwards, he headed upstairs and meandered to Gaz’s room, staring at the wreckage which remained from a couple days ago.

Zim must have come searching for her that day, tearing her room apart in the process. Or maybe he had still been in search of Dib, but had gotten confused since Gaz was closely related with him. Either way, he had gotten to his little sister in the end.

After simply standing in a foggy nostalgia and crippling depression for a full five minutes, Dib walked mindlessly across the hall and towards his own room which held it’s own share of damage and horrors. He walked towards his bed and sat stiffly upon it as he considered the situation once again.

There was no way he would tell his father about this, but he was sure it wouldn’t matter since he didn’t seem to care much about their well beings anyway. If he were to report this to authorities, they would assume he was just out of his mind and that he was the one that murdered her. He decided the best thing to do at this point was to keep it to himself, though it was sure to tear him up over time and the more he thought about it.

It wasn't completely clear if Zim would visit him tonight or not. Maybe he would still be busy with Gaz, or maybe he'd visit Dib in anger for interrupting his meal.

Dib wasn’t going to let his guard down too easily though, not after what he had just witnessed. He was sure Zim was plotting more horrible ways to torment him even further to the verge of insanity.

The night stretched on though, and Zim never showed up. There weren't even small noises in the house anymore of Gaz getting up and down, or the little beeping of her favorite game system. He was completely alone.

Dib practically sobbed himself to the point of exhaustion until he finally succumbed to sleep. No one was there for him, no one to even shout at him to be quiet or punch him in the throat. It was just utter loneliness now.



STORY BELONGS TO :iconinvader-neo: AND I. :heart:

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