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Invader Zim by SpiritInTheStars


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January 23, 2013
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Chapter Eight

Dib’s hurried pace soon slowed to a steady walk as he got closer to Zim’s base. He delayed getting there as he was both afraid and nervous of what he may find here. He actually started to second guess if this was the best thing to do, but he arrived before he knew it. Once it were visible across the road from him, Dib stopped and stared at it for a short time. He drew in a deep breath, whispering unsure words of encouragement before starting closer towards it.

Zim's base looked pretty similar on the outside, except for where his gnomes keeping his house protected had been destroyed. Though, it did seem to have an eerie aura around it which was something that hadn’t been present in the past.

Dib had made it to the front door now, staring upon it as if there were something fairly interesting about it. In reality, he was just preparing himself for what he was sure would be a quite shocking sight. Finally, he pushed the door open and flicked on the lights with the switch on the left wall.

The house was, no surprise, a total wreck. The scary monkey picture had been yanked down and broken on the floor, the TV itself had even been overturned and the screen shattered. And, lying there on the couch, was Gir's body. His left eye was cracked and his normal light blue glow had dulled grey with no life, not to mention his metal abdomen had been split open violently.

Of course, the sight shook the boy and made him feel quite uneasy. A place that used to be so full of life and energy was now a complete disaster, torn apart by the hands of its owner. Dib closed the door behind him, walking deeper into the living room and even tripping over some of the debris that lay scattered on the floor.

The first thing he walked towards was Gir. As he stared down upon him, he couldn’t help but feel remorse for the little robot who had always been so loyal to his master, even if he never did to anything right. The little SIR unit had also been so cheery and carefree too. He knew how to take in the pleasures of Earth and make lemons into tacos when times were stressful, whether it turned out to be helpful to the situation or not. He'd even willingly help Dib and his sister before, almost like an annoying little brother of Zim's.

Dib gave a small smile in his memory, almost wishing that little robot was here now to help lighten up this darkness he was in now. After a minute or so, he moved on steadily towards the kitchen.

The living room looked no where near as horrible as his kitchen, where there were more heavy objects to be messed with. The refrigerator was flipped on its side, the door on the oven and been yanked off and thrown to the other side of the kitchen, even the table had been broken down into splinters with the wooden chairs as well.

The elevator, disguised as a toilet, had been smashed in and looked like it was non-operational. Upon further inspection, the little panel that had carried the sane Irken up and down before this incident was present and seemed sturdy.

After spotting the panel, Dib carefully worked his way across the littered kitchen, tripping clumsily a few times across the foliage.  Once he had made it to his destination, he looked behind him quickly as his paranoia had sprung on him again. There was no one now. No demented shouts or gurgles. He was alone, for now. With that, he proceeded on to the panel which took him down to the depths of the Irken’s lab below.

The computer seemed to be active, but was silent now as if in fear as well, though it was unfeeling like the maniac Irken. The lab below... there was no telling how much of that still stood.

The panel gradually came to a stop as it came to the lab entrance. The first thing Dib did was search for a light switch since it was pitch black. After much difficulty and bumping into several things, he located it and switched it on to illuminate the expansive room.

And once it was on, he could see an oddly normal lab. There seemed to be not a thing out of place in the expansive room there was present. Nothing out of the ordinary, and that alone was enough to make it the most suspicious room in the house.

Dib blinked a few times as if he believed his eyes were playing tricks on him. After so much destruction on the floors upstairs, how could Zim have just left this one alone? Dib walked deeper into the lab, glancing at the large monitor before him. He paused, simply staring at it through narrowed eyes as he could feel a sort of awareness coming from it. Finally, he proceeded down the hallways, taking quick glances into each room as he passed.
Things were as they were, nothing out of the ordinary. That was, until he got to the last of his transmission rooms.

It was still pretty neat, but the wall opposite of the large monitor was painted with words. ‘LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES.’ It was painted continuously in a chilling familiar translucent pink. There was a small gap of no color before it started again. ‘DIB'S FAULT. DIB DID THIS. DIB. DIB.’ About halfway through though, he seemed to have gotten more disturbed as the painted letters were very shaky and jagged, and the word had been altered slightly. ‘IB. IB. IB.’ Over and over and over again.

Dib’s body shivered violently at the sight, that terrifying name echoing in his mind now as if the Irken were here with him now, screaming at him in his demented ways. He approached the wall stiffly to get a closer look as if to convince himself that this was Zim’s blood painted on it. He began to inhale sharply now, trembling where he stood as his mind tried to figure out what exactly he had done to Zim.

Whatever had happened had been so monumental, so horrifyingly scarring that it had quite literally driven the Irken to the point of insanity. Just the idea of him sitting there for hours on end, painting the walls with blood in a shaky sanity until all of that sanity had finally snapped away and left nothing but what he was now... It had to be a nightmare.

Stiffly, Dib sat on the floor in front of the wall as he examined every inch with the horrifying image of Zim painting with his own blood. He wasn’t sure whether he felt remorse for the Irken, seeing as how he had gone through such scaring events, or angry with him that he targeted him for something that didn’t seem to be his fault.

Zim blamed him for whatever happened to himself, and he had driven himself to the point of insanity believing it. Now, he was out for closure and revenge. He was out for his IB.

Dib nodded grimly to himself, silently accepting his fate. Zim wouldn’t stop his attacks until either he fell dead or the boy was murdered for whatever he had done. He wouldn’t attempt to leave since in a way, Zim almost seemed to fill an empty void inside of him. No one would even stand near him now. The only one who would approach him was Zim, even if he only truly wanted him dead.

Dib remained frozen as he stared at the wall for several more minutes. Finally, he stood, turning slowly and walking out of the room, giving the chilling scene one more glance over his shoulder.

The terrible room was left alone, though the little blinking box on the corner of the transmission screen had been left unnoticed. The lab still seemed to be strangely normal, which made it even eerier compared to that one room.

After a slow walk, he had made it back to the main room. He approached the main computer and stared up at the bare screen once more, squinting his eyes at it slightly.

The expansive screen was still as grey and blank as ever. Whatever information it may hold on the subject, it was not releasing to the human.

Dib frowned and walked towards the control board which lay below it. He studied it a moment, but since everything was written in Irken it was quite difficult to decipher what button did which command. After a pause, he reached for a few red buttons, staring up at the monitor as he did so.

Slowly, it hissed to life and displayed a black monitor. The computer was still not speaking up though to make a comment, just letting him try and figure it out.

Dib acked in annoyance and went back to erratically press on the buttons in front of him. Knowing Zim, he would usually make a video ‘journal’ after a failure or just when something wasn’t going to plan. This computer had to be hiding something now, which only heightened the boy’s eager need to access the computer’s files.

“Could you at least tell me how to access the files on here?” He growled impatiently.

The computer still didn't respond to his words though, which made Dib sigh heavily.

Finally, the cursor on the screen began to move on its own to obey Dib's wants. It clicked through a few files before hovering over one, waiting for Dib to do the final click, as if not wanting to access those horrors.

Dib peered at the screen for a moment, his eyes fixated on the file titled with Irken letters. He seemed to be almost dreading this as much as the computer now, his hand hovering over the yellow button that he knew would access the file. Finally, he gave it an unsure push.

Immediately, it opened to a log that seemed to last for quite a while by the amount of time on the video.

“September 2, my Tallest seem to be most unhappy with Zim's progress." The sane Zim spoke, looking annoyed. "I would have destroyed this stupid mud ball sooner if the stupid Dib-stink would stop getting in my way! I will destroy him! Logging off, Invader Zim."

There was a short static before the image reappeared with a more distressed and nervous looking Zim.

"September 14... My Tallest seem to be.. playing tricks with Zim. They're trying to tell him his mission is just a fake... b-but he knows better... they're just trying to motivate him to work faster.. heh... m-my calls don't seem to be going through either..." He bit his lip a moment before trembling a little. "Logging off... Invader Zim.."

There was another static break before he reappeared, huddled in his chair and hugging onto his knees. It was dated September 29th.

"W-Why... Why are they not answering Zim? They could not have been serious... they are ignoring me... I don't want to be ignored... I can take over this planet... I really can..." He trembled as he spoke, rocking a bit in terror. Their was another static break before it came back dated November 4th.

Zim was on his knees on the floor, gripping onto his lekku. "WHY?? WHY WON'T THEY LISTEN TO ME?! I CAN BE AN INVADER!! I CAN TAKE OVER PLANETS!! I CAN TAKE OVER THIS PLANET!!" He screamed to no one in general. Their was another break before it came back to November 18th. Zim looked pretty hollow and weak at this point, and the room had changed. He exhaled weakly as he leaned against the wall.

"I..lies... they're just.... unhappy with Zim... so they lie to him... they wanted the planet quicker...." He spoke, sounding very deranged and trying to convince himself. His hands were bleeding as he smeared that word into the wall. "The Dib....he... he is the one stopping me...

Once the videos had stopped playing, Dib stood with his mouth parted slightly in shock. Seeing the Irken go through months of mental torment in only a few minutes hadn’t been the most pleasant thing to see. His head looked downward now, whispering to himself that this wasn’t his fault... The fact that Zim’s mission was a lie surprised him as well at the very least.

Zim’s emotionally and mentally hurt body had found a way to throw blame onto him though. And now he had decided that eliminating Dib would make things suddenly okay once more.
GUYS. Yes. I am aware that there is a game out there called "Ib". Please stop telling me that. DX I love you guys but oh my gosh. XDD

So yes, here is chapter eight. It was going to be longer, but I like torturing you guys with cliffhangers. :heart:

Vague preview image is vague. I dunno, just kinda started drawing. This one really doesn't relate to the chapter.. But I guess it does. XD You decide.


Uh.. That's all I have to say.. XD

Image is mine.
Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I.

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